Friday, 12 February 2010

Comics Weekend is GO FOR LAUNCH in 2010

Hi, Comics Fans!

This years New Zealand Independent Comics Festival, Comics Weekend, will be taking place over Easter Weekend (2-4 April) in 2010 at The Basement gallery, on Dixon Street, Wellington. While we're still dreaming up some of the things that will be taking place, we are thrilled to announce that the 2010 Black River Digital New Zealand Comics Awards will be held on the evening of Saturday 3rd, and that sales will be taking place throughout the weekend. We have also confirmed two exhibitions of New Zealand Comics History curated by Dr. Tim Bollinger.

Not coincidentally, Wellington Comics Weekend is held over same weekend as the annual Armageddon Expo. We've organized it this way for a few reasons - so that artists who travel for Armageddon may put their bags down at Comics Weekend and not have to carry them around when they attend Armageddon, so that artists all have something fun to do in the evenings while they're in town, and also so that we at Comics Weekend can devote our energies to display and sale of the kinds of comics wares that aren't traditionally big sellers at Armageddon. Sales at Comics Weekend will be coordinated through the NZCC, the same group that manages distribution of New Zealand comics at Armageddon, so if you choose, you may sell your works at both events, wherever you decide to spend your time, with very little extra effort.

But these are all secondary concerns... the main reason we organise things the way we is the desire to turn Wellington, for one weekend of the year, in to a CITYWIDE COMICS EXPLOSION! Join us!

If you'd like to sell comics, help set up, or just know more about this year's happenings, including being NZCC sales at Armageddon Expo, please contact us at ericawards(at)

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Daza said...

That's an impressively high-powered panel of judges - nice work.

And congrats to the nominees!!!